Design as Enlightenment — China Design Museum Bauhaus Collection Exhibition

Vom 28. September bis 8. November 2014 wird im National Museum of China in Peking ein Teil der Sammlung des China Design Museum der China Academy of Art (Hangzhou) ausgestellt. Am 29. September beschäftigte sich ein international besetztes Symposium mit der Rezeption des Bauhauses in China (u. a. mit Victor Margolin, Walter Scheiffele und Siegfried Gronert).

Hier die offizielle Ankündigung des National Museum of China:

Design as Enlightenment—China Design Museum Bauhaus Collection Exhibition

Date : September 28, 2014 - November 8, 2014
National Museum of China: Gallery N10
Hosted by: Hangzhou Municipal Government, China Academy of Art

“Design as Enlightenment—China Design Museum Bauhaus Collection Exhibition” is another tour de force after “The Art of the Enlightenment” exhibited in 2011. Bauhaus, honored as “a creative center in Europe”, is not only a school, but also a commune, a spiritual movement, a crusade of various forms of art and a core of philosophy.

As a torchbearer of design, Bauhaus is the source of modern design, for today nearly all textbooks in architecture, design and art begin with Bauhaus. As the design of the enlightenment, Bauhaus’ inspiration to the contemporary era gets to every aspect of art, design, education, production and daily life, a mirror of the birth of the modern life-style.

The exhibition’s collection is from “the systematic collection of Western modern and contemporary history of design with Bauhaus at the core” introduced by the Hangzhou Municipal Government. The exhibition will be the largest one in scale since this is the Asia’s largest Bauhaus Collection came to the China Academy of Art. Approximately 300 exhibits will be displayed, covering all the works of the most outstanding modernism design masters such as Walt Gropius, Macel Breuer, Ludwig Mies Van De Rho, Wassily Kandinsky, etc., and great many are handmade prototypes of classic design.

Centered on five aspects of “enlightenment” concerning the Bauhaus ideal in art, design, education, production and daily life, this exhibition will present us a Bauhaus blueprint of society renewal, The audience can get Bauhaus story books on site free of charge, watch animated movies and multimedia devices to get more details related to the history of Bauhaus.

6. Oktober 2014